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Allshred Services, the largest independently-owned paper shredding company in the country, offers NAID-Certified paper shredding services. In addition to paper shredding, Allshred provides the following destruction services:

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On-Site Paper Shredding

Allshred Services has a fleet of mobile shredding trucks operated by Allshred’s professional security drivers. Allshred aims to make your shredding experience secure and as worry free. As a result, we offer our On-Site paper shredding services. We will come to you or your place of business and securely shred your sensitive documents right in front of your eyes, ensuring the safety of your personal information.

Off-Site Paper Shredding

Shredded paper bales

Allshred Services and its team of dedicated and certified security drivers routinely service your business. Therefore, from the moment the paper leaves, it goes to Allshred’s high security shredding facility where shredding technicians shred your information. Our service is stress free and completely secure.

Product Destruction

Allshred Services isn’t limited to just paper shredding. We have a broad customer base that requires product destruction. We take your recalled and or obsolete products to our destruction center where they are destroyed beyond repair. Don’t let these products get into the wrong hands, Allshred will take care of all your product destruction needs!

On-Site and Mobile Hard Drive ShreddingHard Drive Shredding

Allshred Services caters to all of your destruction needs. We provide and elite On-Site hard drive shredding option. We come to you! As a result, our mobile shredding trucks provide you with piece of mind while you watch your sensitive digital information get destroyed. We want to make our customers happy and give them the top of the line security options. After our mobile shredding truck has destroyed your hard drives, you wont have to worry again!



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The mission of Allshred Services is to guarantee the highest level of security and customer service throughout the chain of custody of our customers’ sensitive material.   We strive to be the most secure paper shredding company in the world. At Allshred, we view ourselves as teammates with our customers and our employees.


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