Allshred Services is the most secure at-home and residential shredding solution.

  • Allshred Services is the best residential shredding alternative, leading the industry in security and service.

Whether it is personal family records or other paperwork that is taking up space, Allshred Services can come right to you and securely handle and shred your documents, making you feel confident in the security of your confidential information.

When you have the need for our secure shredding services, Allshred can provide a one-time purge service. An experienced shredding professional trained to handle confidential information will come right to your door.

The shredding can be done on-site in our locked and secured shredding truck for you to see, or it can be taken in the secure truck, tracked by a GPS system, back to our facility. The documents will then be destroyed in our state-of-the-art secure shredding facility.

  • Allshred is a great residential shredding solution
  • Allshred Services provides secure shredding solutions throughout the industry, leading in service and security
  • Shredding can be done on-site or it can be done off-site in our secure shredding facility

To learn more about Allshred’s residential document destruction program, please contact us at 419-381-7762.