We Are the Premier Nationwide Product Destruction Company

We destroy anything that may have sensitive information on it.

Sensitive information can be found on more than just paper files and electronic equipment.  On more than one occasion, companies have hired Allshred Services to destroy obsolete product, recalled or rejected inventory and uniforms.

Don’t let these products end up in the hands of a competitor or an identity thief.  Let Allshred Services properly and securely destroy your products, today.  Reach out to one of our information security consultants who will provide you with a customized destruction program.

What Kinds of Product Can Allshred Services Destroy?

  • Prison Uniforms and Clothing
  • Recalled Product
  • Obsolete Products
  • Blueprints
  • Electronic Media including Microfilm and Microfiche
  • Pill Bottles
  • Credit Cards / Gift Cards
  • Blue Wrap and X-Rays

(Don’t see what you’re looking for on this list?  Give our team a call today and find out what else we can securely destroy.)