Allshred Services securely destroys your confidential company and client information.

  • Through industry-leading secure shredding solutions, Allshred Services provides a great solution for the shredding needs of Manufacturing companies

Allshred Services knows that successful manufacturing companies have a lot of vital company and client information that must remain confidential. Allshred Services gives all sizes of manufacturers and their clients the peace of mind of knowing that their documents are destroyed in the most secure and confidential manner.

When there is a need for document destruction, Allshred Services can provide either a one-time purge or a recurring service to your manufacturing facility. The documents will be handled by professionals who are specifically trained to handle confidential information.
Whether the service is a purge or is recurring, Allshred can shred the documents on-site in our secure and locked mobile shredding truck. However, Allshred can also provide an off-site service in which the documents are transported in our secure shredding truck to our state-of-the-art and very secure shredding facility.

  • Allshred is a great document destruction solution for manufacturers
  • Documents to be shredded are handled by a trained professional
  • Shredding service can be a one-time purge or a recurring service
  • Shredding can be done on-site in our locked and secured shred truck or off-site in our state-of-the-art secure shredding facility

To learn more about Allshred’s document destruction program for the manufacturing industry, please contact us at 419-381-7762.