Allshred Services destroys your clients’ information beyond recognition.

  • Allshred Services is the premier paper shredding company for lawyers, law firms, and attorneys.

From the lawyer hanging out his or her own shingle to the largest Detroit or Cleveland Law Firm, Allshred Services will stop at nothing to destroy your clients’ sensitive information.

Once your clients’ information has eclipsed their record retention period, Allshred will securely handle your large file purge by destroying your legal boxes. This can be done either at your law office with our mobile shred truck or by picking up your files and destroying them off-site at our location.

In addition to these one-time file purges, Allshred also offers container service for a firm’s day-to-day paper shredding needs.

Allshred Services:

  • We are Sarbanes-Oxley-Compliant
  • We have done Paper Shredding for Law Firms in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Detroit, and Indianapolis.
  • From the One-Attorney Office to the Multi-Office Law Firm, we’re here to help.

To learn more about Allshred’s legal paper shredding program, please contact us at 419-381-7762