IRS Fails to Meet Information Security Requirements

IRS Fails to Meet Information Security Requirements

Washington, D.C. — From  According to a 2015 review by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, the Internal Revenue Service is not doing enough to protect the confidentiality of taxpayers.

The review has turned up a number of deficiencies in the IRS’s Continuous Monitoring Management, Configuration Management and Identity and Access Management practices.  The report concludes that the IRS has failed to meet US Federal Information Security Modernization Act requirements in those areas.  The IRS’s Information Security Program generally complied with the FISMA requirement, but fell short of meeting certain Department of Homeland Security requirements.

TIGTA warned, “Until the IRS takes steps to improve its security program deficiencies and fully implement all security program areas in compliance with FISMA requirements, taxpayer data will remain vulnerable to inappropriate and undetected use, modification or disclosure.”

“The IRS collects and maintains a significant amount of personal and financial information about taxpayers,” said J. Russell George.  “As custodians of this sensitive information, the IRS has an obligation to protect it against unauthorized loss.”

Following a breach involving personal information of 334,000 taxpayers this year, concern about tax fraud linked to identity theft in the United States has increase.


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