Allshred Service will destroy your clients’ information in the most secure manner.

  • Allshred Services is the leading paper shredding company and best choice for banks and the whole financial industry, providing the most secure and confidential shredding service available.

In order to protect your clients’ information and your company’s reputation, Allshred services is available and equipped to service banks or financial institutions of any size. When you need to destroy your clients’ information, Allshred can provide a purge service and destroy the documents on-site in our secure and locked shred truck; alternatively, the documents can also be taken by our secure truck to our state-of-the-art secure shredding facility.

In accordance with the Graham Leach Billey Act (GLBA)or, depending on your needs, The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA), Allshred can also provide a recurring service to meet compliance of these laws and protect your clients’ information, in addition to protecting the integrity and reputation of your company.

Allshred offers:

  • Confidential and Secure Shredding for banks and financial institutions of any size
  • A one-time purge or a recurring service, based on your specific needs
  • Shredding that can be done either on-site or at our secure facility
  • Help so that your business maintains compliance with the laws and regulations set by GLBA and FACTA

If you want more information on Allshred’s banking and financial shredding programs, please contact us at 419-381-7762.