What to Look for in a Paper Shredding Company

What to Look for in a Paper Shredding Company

As the premier paper shredding company in the industry, we get asked plenty of questions.  One of our favorites – besides, ‘should I shred my documents?’ – YES! – is:

What do I look for when selecting a paper shredding company?

having been in the document shredding industry for nearly 30 years, we’ve learned a heck of lot.  Though really, choosing the right paper shredding company boils down to several things.

  1. Security – Is your document destruction company certified by NAID?
  2. Reliability – Will your paper shredding actually come when you call or do they miss pickups, regularly?
  3. Trustworthiness – If your company has to miss a pickup due to weather, traffic, or anything, really – are they giving you a heads up ahead of time with a phone call?
  4. Flexibility – How flexible is your shredding company’s scheduling?  Can they work with you to schedule that extra pickup you need during tax season?  Do they offer both off-site on and on-site shredding service?
  5. Cost-Effectiveness – suggest to meet with your sales rep at minimum once a year.  Are you getting the best value for your paper shredding service?
  6. Local – Choosing local always helps.  It assists in ensuring that the five items above are indeed met.  Besides, isn’t always nice to look face-to-face at your good-looking paper shredding rep?

Oh, we also suggest looking for a secure paper shredding company that has a customer service team on-site.  That way whenever you call, you can guarantee you’ll be talking to someone local who can personally handle your concerns – whether it’s finding out what time a shred truck will be at your office or if you have general questions on an invoice.  A local customer service team will be able to assist you much more quickly than one overseas.


Alllshred Services is the premier document destruction company in the Midwest.  If you’d like more information on our paper shredding solutions, please feel free to contact a member of our sales team.  They are always ready to help.

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