Why Do You Need a Document Destruction Company For Your Business?

  • Document destruction services such as Allshred Services provide a number of advantages that can benefit you and your company.

The use of Allshred Services for your document destruction needs will not only save your business time and money, but it will also give you an added peace of mind and comfort. Allshred Services provides a business-to-business service that will save you time. Our trained drivers will come to your place of business and will either shred the documents on-site in a mobile shred truck or will take them back to our secure Maumee facility. Doing this saves your business precious time that can be used instead towards increasing your company’s productivity.

Allshred Services can also save your business money, as our service eliminates the need to pay employees to shred paper in the office. Leave the document destruction to us, and you can then concentrate on being the most efficient and profitable business possible. We also give you a sense of well-being, as we provide the utmost care and the most secure methods for handling your documents. Additionally, Allshred ensures that you meet the requirements set by HIPAA, FACTA, PCI, and GLBA.

  • Allshred Services’ document destruction can save your business precious time.
  • We can save your business money and increase efficiency.
  • Our security and professional care give you less to worry about with your important documents.
  • Additionally, we help businesses meet government and law requirements such as HIPAA and GLBA.

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