Allshred Services: An Interview with a Sales Guy

Allshred Services: An Interview with a Sales Guy

We are starting a new tradition at Allshred Services – having up-close and candid conversations with our favorite people – ourselves!  Hmm … That sounds a little self-centered, and it’s not actually true.  Our favorite people are you, our customers, however, without a strong team at Allshred Services, we wouldn’t have any of you!  See, we made a full circle!

Our first interview is with Andy Sprenger – The Safety Guy.  Andy is our regional sales representative, with a territory that encompasses Toledo and Western Ohio, all the way through Fort Wayne, Indiana.  He also can be seen pounding the pavement for paper shredding services in Ann Arbor, Lansing and Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He’s quite the guy and will always provide you with the most professional assistance you require to handle all your document destruction needs.

Jeff Green:  Andy, why do they call you ‘The Safety Guy?’  That is such a fun nickname.

Andy Sprenger:  I deal with both personal safety (my number one concern) and the security of a business’s operations.  There are many ways we can stay safe and secure, though the first line of defense is keeping that person safe and secure.  Only then, can we begin to implement operational safety and security measurements, such as the implementing HIPAA-Compliance programs as the like.

J:  I like how you added one of the security laws that Allshred Services helps our healthcare clients maintain.

A:  Thank you.

J:  Andy, I do not have access to your employee file, so could you tell me how long you’ve been working at Allshred Services?

A:  I’ve been here since the summer of 2015.

J:  Excellent.  And now for a leading question:  Why do you LOVE working at Allshred Services?

A:  It’s because of you, Jeff.  Haha, no, just kidding.

J:  Thanks.

A:  Well, it’s the entire TEAM.  Both the history of our business and the entire team are inspiring – and that’s why I’m here.

J:  I would agree.  You’re a memorable guy, Andy.

A:  You’re making me blush.

J:  What are some things you do to set yourself apart from the competition?

A:  Have you seen my really big nametag?!

J:  Yes, it’s nice, and indeed memorable.

A:  But outside of thinking outside the box, I like to always do business with three things in mind:

  1.  With Mutual Respect
  2.  With a Win-Win Scenario in mind
  3.  With the Golden Rule

J:  He with all the gold rules?

A:  No.  I do business with others how I’d like others to do business with me.  Transparent, honest, and providing the best possible service I can.

J:  That’s really great – and true.  Changing it up on you, now.  If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

A:  A silver back gorilla.  They are the protector of their group of gorillas.

J:   I thought a group of gorillas was called a band, or a troop, maybe?

A:  They are the protector of their bands.

J:  Andy, getting to know you today has been great.  Any quotes or parting words you like to add?

A:  Always ask yourself, ‘what else can I do?’


So, what else can you do?  I’d recommend sending Andy Sprenger a note to telling him how much you enjoyed this up-close and candid interview, and ask him to help you with your next paper shredding project and provide you with a quote for document destruction.  His quick response will astound you.

Andy Sprenger, Allshred Services's Regional Sales Rep, gives you a thumbs up!

Allshred’s Regional Sales Rep, Andy Sprenger gives you a THUMBS UP for Safety!


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