Allshred Employee Interview: Steve Hawes

Allshred Employee Interview: Steve Hawes

Recently, we caught up with Steve Hawes, one of Allshred Services’ longest tenured employees.  Steve started off at Allshred as a truck driver nearly 15 years ago, and has since brought his expertise and love for customer service to Allshred’s sales team as an information security consultant.

While Steve is based on our Toledo area office, his territory includes Northern Michigan and Indiana, where he can be found roaming the towns of Flint, Saginaw, Midland and Bay City.  Steve has developed an expertise in providing financial institutions – like Banks and Credit Unions – with secure shredding service.

Name:  Steve Hawes

Do you have any nicknames?  Yes, Hawespipe! (correctly spelled Hawsepipe). Got it while in Navy. A hawsepipe is the tube on the front of a ship that the anchor chain passes through. My area of responsibility underway and at anchor detail was on the bow of the ship.

Favorite Sports Teams?  Valley View Spartans!,  THE Ohio State University Buckeyes!!!! OH – IO and yes, I still love my Cincinnati Reds and Bengals.

Why do you love working for Allshred Services?  The team I am a part of. They let me be me J. Sales is great! After all these years I still get excited for each and every sale we win. Yes the big ones are great, but the small ones all add up to big.

What is the best part about working in the document destruction industry?  It’s fun, there is always more you can learn from it and ways to improve how we provide it. Most of all, we get to destroy stuff and get paid for doing it.

What is the one major thing that you do to set you apart from the competition?  Great question and easy answer, My Team! I believe that one is only as successful as the Team that you are on. There is a significant truth about there not being an “I” in Team.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?  Well it sure isn’t a deer, people are always shooting at ya. No doubt a Raptor. An Eagle, Hawk or Owl. There is something about them that have always amazed me with their keen eye sight and so Majestic in the air.

What was the last book you read?  Be Anxious for Nothing by: Joyce Meyer.

Any hidden talents?  I used to sing quite often. I DJ’d Karaoke for about 2 years and did shows in bars, birthday parties, weddings and summer parties.

Any quotes or exciting things you’d like to add?  A quote that I learned a few years ago that I live by each and every day. “People don’t but WHAT you do, they but WHY you do it”. Takes a little bit to wrap your mind around, but once you understand it, it is powerful. I guess this could also go above in the what sets you apart from our competitors.


Whether you are in need of a paper shredding service and would like a free shredding quote, or whether you just want to talk to someone very interesting on the phone, give Steve Hawes a call.   We’re told he also responds to email –

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