The mission of Allshred Services is to guarantee the highest level of security and customer service throughout the chain of custody of our customers’ sensitive material.   We strive to be the most secure paper shredding company in the world. At Allshred, we view ourselves as teammates with our customers and our employees.

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Whether by customer service, employee engagement or by overall operational efficiency, it is our vision that Allshred Services will be the information destruction company that all information destruction companies measure to be the standard.

Who is Allshred Services?

This year marks a milestone for Allshred Services— we’re turning 30. Ohio native Willie Geiser founded Allshred Services in 1989, and if Willie’s business model over the last three decades could be summed up in a single word, that word would be “security.”

Our headquarters, a 46,000-square foot facility in Maumee, Ohio, has been called the “Fort Knox of the shredding industry.” We’re the largest privately-owned paper-shredding company in the country, and the first paper-shredding company in Ohio that the NAID (National Association for Information Destruction, Inc.) certified. Since our founding, we’ve grown from only working in Ohio to servicing Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We reach 16,000+ customers, which includes CPAs, colleges, law firms, hospital systems, industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, and doctors’ and dentists’ offices. In addition to paper-shredding, we offer a range of other services:

  • File Purge Service
  • Computer Recycling
  • Residential Shredding
  • Hard Drive Destruction
  • On-Site Paper Shredding
  • Off-Site Paper Shredding
  • Routine Shredding Service

We know what you’re thinking — “That’s great, but what sets you apart from other companies?” The simple answer? The first and last items on that list up there — “File Purge Service” and “Routine Shredding Service.” We offer the gamut of services that are standard in our industry, but those two are the cornerstones of our business. Let’s walk through each one so you know what you’re buying when you contract with us

  • The Recurring Shredding Service

A lot of our clients generate documents laden with sensitive information every single day. We’re talking SSNs, DOBs, salary figures, home addresses, HIPAA-protected med recs. People’s privacy hinges on this info, so we provide your facility with a locked container that we pick up whenever you want. After that, you tell us whether you’d like those excess docs destroyed onsite or offsite. Which one is right for you? Depends on your business. Here’s a rundown of each:

  • Onsite: If you go the onsite route, we’ll get the job done like this: Our trucks arrive to your location. Our operators take your paper or products and throw them in a 96-gallon tote. A hydraulic lift dumps that tote into the hopper of the truck, equipped with what resemble huge scissors that pulverize the paper into particle-sized smithereens so your documents get destroyed before your eyes. Boom. Done.
  • Offsite: With offsite shredding, after we fill up those totes, we drive our trucks back to our facility. The trucks are always locked, alarmed, and GPS-tracked. (Remember that word “security”?) The serial number of your order is also tracked. We log those orders and we shred within 48 hours. The shredding is commingled with the shredded bulk of other companies’ material. All that gets baled and sent to paper-pulping mills, where it’s recycled into tissue paper, primarily. (Who knew?) 98% of our business is done off-site, which many clients prefer because of, well, the security.

So that’s one of our main business promises: reliable, recurring paper-shredding. You generate lots of documents on the reg. We get rid of them for you like clockwork.

  • The Purged Service

Paper adds up, quick. But so do many other products — food, textiles, solar panels, pharmaceuticals, computer monitors, whatever. Let’s say you’ve got a basement, a storage unit, a series of closets bursting with a hoarder’s nest of stuff that you need destroyed. We go in, collect anything you want purged, dispose of it, and sign affidavits verifying that we did our job. That’s another reason to call us — we stand by our word.

Currently, we’re recycling about 2 million pounds of paper a month, and we either shred or incinerate all other products. We’ve purged steel-toed boots, high-end sweatpants, recalled brand merchandise, ointments that had faulty packaging — you name it. Other companies offer recurring and purged services, too, but our goal is to do it at the lowest rate out there. Plus, we just love doing what we do and meeting people along the way. In our line of work, we work with the janitor, the small-town dentist, and the CEO of a corporation. We’ve been offering all these people security for 30 years, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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