Allshred Services Surpasses NAID Requirements For Security

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On June 7, 2002, Allshred Services was awarded NAID certification from the National Association for Information Destruction, Inc. (NAID), the international trade association for companies providing information document destruction services. Not only do we meet these requirements, at Allshred Services, we exceed these requirements. Following are the NAID certification criteria as well as the more stringent Allshred standards (in blue):

Employee Hiring and Screening
  • Seven-year employment history kept on file
  • All employees must sign a confidentiality agreement before employment begins
  • All drivers must meet all state licensing requirements
  • Employees are drug screened at the time of hire and 50% randomly screened annually (Allshred Services conducts quarterly random drug testing, testing more than 50%)
  • All employees must undergo comprehensive third party pre-employment screening consisting of criminal background checks, social security number traces, and employment history, going back 7 years.
    (Allshred Services uses a private investigation firm that physically verifies all info received; we also inspect their credit reports. Random criminal background checks are performed on one-third of the employees annually.)
Operational Security
  • All non-employees entering the facility must sign a log with their name, time-in, affiliation, and time-out, and records must be kept for 12 months
  • There is a secure area within the operation that is devoted only to the process of destroying material (Allshred Services entire document destruction facility is a secure area)
  • Unauthorized access to the document destruction facility is prevented (No access to Allshred Services’ facility is allowed unless escorted by an Allshred Services employee)
  • Materials are always attended by a company employee or physically secured from unauthorized access before destruction
  • All materials are contained during removal from customer to transportation vehicle to prevent loss from wind and inclement weather and from prying eyes
  • Written policies for drivers and processing employees must be in place
  • Drivers and processing employees wear company uniforms and photo ID badges to aid in their identity
  • There is an audible, monitored alarm system in place and utilized when the building is unoccupied (Allshred Services’ alarm system has a series of motion sensors and infrared beams to monitor all areas of the building; in addition, all entry points have card readers to control access to various parts of the building)
  • Closed circuit video monitors all access points of the building, monitors activity in the building at all times, and all monitoring data is maintained for 90 days
  • Drivers must carry two-way communication devices
  • All vehicles have applicable government inspections, registration and insurance (Allshred Services’ trucks are also outfitted with GPS technology – we know where they are and what they are doing at all times)
  • All vehicles have lockable/securable cabs and lockable/securable enclosed boxes
  • Allshred Services also employs an on-site Security Officer to witness the daily destruction of materials
The Destruction Process
  • Paper is destroyed by equipment that reduces the paper to a particle size that is no wider than 5/8” shred width (Allshred Services shreds our material twice by running it through two shredders. We also have a separate shredder for electronic media and other non-paper material; nothing leaves our building without being shredded!)
  • Standard operating practice dictates that all material is destroyed within 72 business hours of acceptance
    (Allshred Services destroys the material within 24-48 business hours)
  • Shredded paper may not be used for animal bedding or packing materials
Insurance & Company Profile
  • General Liability Insurance of at least $2 million is maintained
    (Allshred Services carries $4 million)
  • Company must be a fully registered business
    (Allshred Services has been in business for 19 years)
  • Allshred also has a $1 million Employee Dishonesty policy and a $1 million Professional Liability Policy
In addition

All marketing materials are inspected to check for misleading advertising

  • To pass certification, a physical inspection is performed by Certified Protection Professionals (CPP’s), certified by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) to ensure compliance with all criteria
  • To maintain certification, all certified companies are subject to a random, unannounced inspection at any time throughout the year

Allshred Services gives you the highest quality service you should demand, as well as the peace of mind you should expect. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you with your document destruction needs.

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